Edmonton Orthopedic Product Specialist

Second Step Comfort offers high-quality medical braces, including both orthopedic braces crafted to support existing conditions and sports braces made to prevent injuries. We are the elite sellers of orthopedic specialty products. These products are used in a large variety of support for healthcare professionals and patients. One step ahead, Second Step Comfort also concentrates on selling the most effective orthopedic braces and supports for the ankle, shoulder, elbow knee, backs, wrist, and many more.

Products & Services

Our range of orthotics covers any device (brace or support) used to support, prevent, correct, or align the function of the body’s movable parts. The most common types of orthotics offered at Second Step Comfort include:

Braces and Supports

At Second Step Comfort, we offer a series of medical quality braces and supports. Much like our lift chairs, tens machines and foot orthotics, our joint braces supply are covered by most insurance providers.


Compression Stockings

Our compression stocking helps improve your blood flow and reduce pain and swelling in your legs. This lowers your blood clot chances and other circulation issues such as deep vein thrombosis.


Deep muscle treatment with Electro-Therapy

Our  Electrotherapy product, used for electrical muscle stimulation, is an electrical machine that generates electrical impulses to a patient's body. This stimulation is done to promote and accelerate muscle healing and tissue regeneration.

Why do people trust us?

At Second Step Comfort, our mission is to offer premium quality and affordable orthopedic products in Edmonton. Our certified staff that comprise technicians with unmatched expertise will help you choose the best product or service for your pain management and rehabilitation.

  • Post-operative braces (hip, knee, shoulder, and spinal)
  • Custom and non-custom knee braces for sports-related osteoarthritis and injuries
  • Fracture braces
  • Custom and prefabricated spinal braces
  • Restraint Orthotic Walker Boots
  • Static progressive stretching
  • Custom foot orthotics