Edmonton Orthopedic Product Specialist

Second Step Comfort offers high-quality medical braces, including both orthopedic braces crafted to support existing conditions and sports braces made to prevent injuries. We are the elite sellers of orthopedic specialty products. These products are used in a large variety of support for healthcare professionals and patients. One step ahead, Second Step Comfort also concentrates on selling the most effective orthopedic braces and supports for the ankle, shoulder, elbow knee, backs, wrist, and many more.


Manufactured by most of the top names in the industry, the orthopedic braces and support we render are made of top-quality fabrics and materials and are engineered for rigid functionality.


It is our mission to offer the latest and affordable orthopedic braces, supports, and supply. We have a selection that meets the requirement of our wide variety of clients. Second Step Comfort is your expert partner in helping you lead an active and healthy lifestyle; we strive to have the best client service in the business.


If you have any questions concerning our products or are unsure of precisely what you are looking for, please reach out to us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable client service representatives. We would be glad to assist you in any way we are able to.


Call us at (587) 206-0026 to get more information anytime. Our staff members are here to serve you and offer you the best solutions.

Why choose us

Expert advice


From orthopedic products to medical bracings, Second Step Comfort certified staff has the expertise and experience to help you find the right medical brace for you.


Discount price


At Second Step Comfort, we work directly with our manufactures to make sure you have the best price on your back braces, compression stocking, elbow braces, and other medical supplies.


Insurance coverage


All products that we render at Second Step Comfort can be covered by your health insurance. Unlike most medical supply stores, we can directly bill your medical product and supplies. This means that if you or your loved ones need an orthopedic product or medical brace, we can minimize work for you by billing your insurance provider, which means massive saving for you.