Deep muscle treatment with Electro Therapy


Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation devices have been used for almost everyone, from professional athletes to famous footballers. These portable devices are used to rehabilitate muscles after an injury and improve muscle performance through electrical impulses transmitted via the skin. Electrical stimulation can also increase blood flow and enhance muscle contraction.


At Second Step Comfort, we recommend electrical stimulation to reactive the quadriceps muscles after repair surgery. It is also helpful for shoulder or neck muscle rehabilitation. Benefits of electrical muscle stimulation include:


  • Reduced muscle atrophy accompanying a severe injury or after surgery.
  • Decreased soreness and muscle pain leading to increased range of motion and mobility.
  • Improved recovery time when linked with a regular physical rehabilitation program.


While it can be tempting to buy and administer the use of these devices on your own, it is good to consult with a physical therapist before doing so.
If you have questions about if an electrical stimulation device is suitable for you, please reach out to us for an appointment.

Compression stocking


People wear compression stockings for various reasons. For example, sportspeople wear them to prevent severe medical conditions and to be more comfortable. The focus is to enhance blood flow and alleviate pain and swelling in your legs. This can reduce your blood clot chances and other circulation issues like deep vein thrombosis. Compression stocking comes with different strengths and sizes. You and your Second Step Comfort technician will have to decide which choice can work best.


Medical compression stockings are made to be tight-fitting. They are elastic socks crafted to put pressure on your legs. They are of various kinds and qualities, such as pressure and graduated compression stockings. Some maintain the same pressure up your legs, while others are tighter around your ankle and get looser as they move up your leg.

Knee brace and support


Knee braces and supports are made to help recovery and prevention of injury. These devices include supports for the joints, padded protectors, and sleeves. Wearing a knee brace can help protect a vulnerable joint that has previously been injured. A simple knee brace usually works by offering compression support to the joint, while some include metal hinges to restrict motion in particular
directions. It is crucial a medical expert advises you before wearing these devices. Where ever possible, knee supports are made of breathable materials, helping to keep the user cool.


In some instances, there is also the choice of non-custom knee braces. A non-custom knee brace is a therapeutic device based on a simple sizing method. The materials are chosen based on the patient’s history, patient concerns, and assessment. Patients with strains, ligament tears, and other knee problems can benefit from knee braces and support.

Ankle braces and support


We also render ankle bracing and support, which is an excellent option for injuries and week ankle. Ankle bracing is used to heal sprains to the ankle joint, assisting to stabilize the joint and alleviate pain. By clamping the ankle, the soft tissue is left to heal. Ankle braces come in a range of styles and sizes to treat different concerns. Most of our ankle braces will fit comfortably into your Velcro footwear or lace-up.


Most insurance plans cover the cost of custom ankle braces, custom-casted foot orthotics, and the complete examination. A prescription and assessment are needed for some orthopedic ankle braces.


If you would like to know more about ankle braces and support, do not hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

Back braces and support

If you are one of the people who suffer from back pain or discomfort in Edmonton, a back brace or support can help you alleviate your pain and discomfort. Common factors like poor lifting technique, sitting for an extended period, and poor posture can lead to back pain.

Wearing a back race and support can help prevent your back-injury risk while reducing the discomfort and pain that you might already be suffering. With a vast selection of back braces and supports, Second Step Comfort makes it easy to get the right back brace and support for you. Whether you are looking to prevent the back-injury risk or relieve your pain, we have the right back brace for you.

We carry only the quality back brace and support from the industry’s leading manufactures.

Elbow brace and support

A unique characteristic of this kind of medical brace is that it ensures articular extension while protecting the elbow from different physical stresses. It also prevents flexion-extension by regulating articular excursion activities, which are regarded to be dangerous.

Elbow braces exert tension on the retracted soft tissue, improving the articular extension in people suffering from elbow stiffness. The braces are utilized to reduce the increased pressure on overworked muscles. They function as a massage that loosens the muscles and alleviates stress. It not only helps in removing fatigue in your muscle but it also relieves of the pain that you might be experiencing.

Whether you play golf, tennis, or have other passions, Second Step Comfort renders different lightweight, durable options to heal elbow pain and swelling.

Wrist braces and support

Wrist braces are designed to help recover from surgery or injury. The range at Second Step Comfort includes wrist spicas, splints, and wraps. A wrist support helps the rehabilitation process following muscle strains or tendon damage. The brace can help with compression support or reduce the range of movements, improving the healing process. For wrist joints, we render complete custom-made, handcrafted designs off the self-devices sourced from different manufacturers. Most of our patients purchase wrist bracing due to trauma-related injuries, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

We also render stock wrist braces and custom supports which are created using leather or plastic. A certified specialist will measure your arm for the wrist brace to be made.

Reach out to us to find the best wrist brace for you or your loved one.

Shoulder braces and support

Shoulder injuries, surgery, and pain are the most common reasons people look for shoulder braces to offer them relief, support, and the ability to cure their shoulders quickly. Second Step Comfort shoulder braces come in a range of selections to pick from various features to cater to the different kinds of shoulder problems.

Getting the right shoulder brace is crucial for the proper healing of your shoulder surgery, injury and reducing discomfort and pain due to a strain or injury. If you are not sure what kind of brace you require, talk to our technicians to determine which type of brace is recommended for you or your loved one. When you find the right brace, your shoulder will have the best chance to heal and recover, giving you a comfortable and pain-free life.